Trade Terms and Conditions


  • GST No: 130-682-888
  • BNZ Bank Account No: 02-1256-0126699-000
  • Business Hours: Mon- Fri 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
  • After hours services are available at extended rates.


We accept the placing of orders in the store, via e-mail or phone. All transactions are in New Zealand Dollars.


We accept EFTPOS, Credit Card, Cash & Internet Banking. Payments must be received by us before we will supply the product(s). All deposits or bank transfers should be accompanied by the “Invoice No.” as the Reference and additionally (if possible), purchaser’s Last Name.


Restocking fees become necessary in order for us to keep our costs and prices down. When items are returned in opened and non-resalable conditions, we have to sell them as used and below costs. Returned, products need to be tested by our service dept. This involves costs. If not paid by those who returned them, the additional costs has to be “shared” by others, which we believe is not fair. We choose to keep our prices down by charging a restocking fee to non-defective, non-faulty returns. We try to keep the restocking fee as low as possible and in line with the cost associated with the return. We reserve the right to charge the restocking fee which is $15 or 15% whichever is greater.


  • Packaging and Delivery charges
  • Labour charges for system building, repairs and problem diagnosis
  • Opened software
  • Opened and used cases (chassis)
  • Any items that are defaced or physically damaged by end-users. We reserve the right to check the conditions of the returned items before issuing a refund
  • Any items that become non-functional due to user error or virus
  • Clearance items that are marked as non-refundable
  • Any items that have the warranty label/mark removed by customer that cannot be verified as our products
  • Any items that do not have a matching serial number between the product and the original receipt
  • Any retail boxed items returned without the original retail box, manual, driver CD/diskette, or cable set
  • Products returned after 7 days of purchase date.


A fee will be charged to diagnose a fault and provide repair/replacement options.


Belton Waiheke and it’s staff, management and contractors will do everything in their power to look after you, your computer, your device/s and software and although all care is taken to ensure that no harm ensures, customers must be aware that electronics often have a mind of their own.

Occassionally an electronic device does not do as we ask and we have no control over this, so therefore can not be held liable should something negative occur.

It is a bit like going to the dentist for a general check-up only to find that you need a rootcanal. The same applies with computers. You may want us to perform a simple task, however we might find something more serious whilst undertaking your request. Sometimes, there is a possibility that teeth fall out or need to be pulled. We will NOT repair the “rootcanal” unless you give us the go-ahead.

And just like a mechanic (who is not liable if your car overheats, blows up and floods their workshop during a Warrant of Fitness) if your computer suddenly corrupts Windows, catches a virus or has a major hardware failure, we will not be held responsible.

Having said all that, like most honest workers, we care about our customers and will do what we can to minimise risk, protect important data (and even unimportant data) and do what is right for you, not what might look nice in our bank accounts.

But basically, it is up to the customer (that’s you) (and not us) to have a full and complete backup of your programs, data and serial numbers.

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